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Here We Go!!!

Welcome one and all! It's 2018 and we're psyched! Why? Because last year we randomly bought a beautiful four acre lot, sold our draughty, 150-year-old schoolhouse and started living in other people's homes! And this year, after many months of planning, we're building our family dream home - off grid! This should be hilarious.

First off, a quick introduction so you know who "we" are.

I'm Jennie. Design fanatic. Neither a morning or night person. Homeschooling mother of three. On this project, I provide the aesthetic vision and Luke (who you'll meet in a moment) provides pretty much all of the other skills to make it happen... including making phone calls. Because phone calls are THE WORST.

Here's me. Look at all the junk food I eat!

And here's the aforementioned handsome devil, Luke. You'll notice an entire lack of junk food here. I need him healthy to do all my bidding.

Luke's an electrical engineer, who also happened to be a finish carpenter in another life (aka before we had kids). He'll be the big cheese on this job, otherwise known as the general contractor. Because why would you hire a builder when you can have all that extra stress in your life for free!

We also created these three beautiful humans so that we'll have free labour to drag stuff around the site.

Meet Wilder, Neve and Jude. Don't they look strong? I sincerely hope so.

We're going to drag you along on this journey from start to finish. I promise it will be fun(ny), so let's go!

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