Green Lights will be the lighthouses of the riding, beacons of Green Information and contact with the campaign. 

A Green Light forward for change and hope.

If you are: 

  • Passionate about communicating Green Values and Policy Eager to stand up and stand out as a visible and proud Green?

  • Ready to listen to your community's cares and concerns as its unique nature relates to the coming, fully costed, Federal Green Platform.

  • Connected to your community and enthusiastic about meeting new people.

  • Willing to take leadership and organize your local team.

Then becoming a Green Light is for you! 

Contact us for further information


Whether you are an experienced old hand at Green Party volunteering or a newcomer with all the enthusiasm and fresh ideas that our newest team members bring, you fill a special place in the future of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.  You are making history.  I can say without exaggeration, you are helping to save the only planet we can call our home.  

"I promise to remember that each minute you give this campaign is a gift, pure and simple - a gift for which I, the Green Party and your fellow volunteers are deeply grateful." - Danielle

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Let's Stand up.  Together.

Our party is funded by grassroots supporters like you chipping in what they can when they can.

Please make a donation today!

Greens for Bruce - Grey - Owen Sound

From now until October, we commit to growing with you.


We have been strengthening our capacity to lead with ingenuity, integrity and commitment. And now we're asking you to join us; your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family members, as we stand up together for the future and the present.

For people and for the planet.

Interested in volunteering with us? Get in touch.

Please consider donating to the campaign.

Every donation makes a big impact.

To view a map of our riding, click here.

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